Okinawan Martial Art for Self Defense

How do Kyushiki-Ryu techniques differ from other martial arts?  Kyushiki-ryu Kempo-jutsu is focused on “real world” application. There are no referees or rules in a real life and death struggle.


How long will it take to earn a black belt?  First, understand that all arts grade differently. In some arts, a black belt signifies the student is ready for advanced techniques. That is the equivalent of our first brown belt rank. In Kyushiki-ryu Kempo-jutsu, Shodan, first degree black signifies the student’s understanding and ability to execute the entire, unarmed system. To answer the question, it depends on the student. Frequent attendance and hard work will always help the student advance. In short,  new students can expect to work hard for 3 to 5 years to earn their first degree black belt.


Do you break boards?  Why, has a board ever attacked anyone?  Truth be told, it isn’t that hard to do. Most people can break one or many 1″ boards. I will be impressed when the first person stops breaking 1″ boards with spacers in between and shows me they can break just one 4″ board. Concrete block and ice blocks are an impressive break. Patio blocks and lawn trim, not so much. You can break those just by dropping them at a bad angle.


How old is too old/young to study Kyushiki-ryu Kempo-jutsu?  With rare exceptions, we don’t accept students under the age of 16 into the Kyushiki-ryu School of Kempo-jutsu because of the serious and dangerous nature of our curriculum. We do offer self defense classes for students under the age of 16. As for a maximum age, we have 2 black belt instructors over the age of 65. Soke Parcell taught well into his 70’s until cancer took his life in 2009.


Will I have to kick over my head?  No. The highest kick we deliver is to the lower ribs. We believe, high kicks place the practitioner in an unbalanced and exposed position. Do you really want to balance on one foot while exposing your groin? Soke Parcell said “If you want to kick someone in the head, break their leg and they will bend right over”

Left to Right: Sensei Lance Long, Soke Dennis Niemier, Training Coordinator, Drew Saltzgaber

Left to Right: Sensei Lance Long, Soke Dennis Niemier, Godan Drew Saltzgaber