Okinawan Martial Art for Self Defense

KYUSHIKI-RYU KEMPO-JUTSU ( meaning: “Old-Style Hard-Fist Combat Art”) is a formal Okinawan martial art designed for self-defense (not to be confused with competitive sports such as Tae Kwon Do,  karate and judo). 






The pure martial arts of  KYUSHIKI-RYU are effective and absolutely devastating. As the name indicates, the techniques are “old-style” combat forms which were overwhelmingly successful in early life and death struggles experienced by the Okinawans against invaders and renegade samurai warriors from Japan. These techniques include the terrifying punching/striking/kicking power developed from internal energy. The KYUSHIKI-RYU system includes the teaching and mastery of dynamic throwing techniques as well as the samurai sword and the jo staff.